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Arizona, United States
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42, ancient egypt, animals, argyle socks, arrested development, art, astronomy, beaches, beauty and the beast, bloom county, bob dylan, bookmarks, books, cade skywalker, california poppies, calvin and hobbes, cats, chai lattes, chocolate, clannad, classical music, clean air, cloud shadows on mountains, clouds, courtesy, deserts, dinosaur comics, doctor who, empathy, equality, escondido, fan fiction, fanfic, firefly, flogging molly, futurama, gaeilge, gaelic storm, geodes, greek mythology, green volkswagon beetles, history, iharthdarth, ireland, kate beaton, kindness, knitting, languages, luke skywalker, luke/mara, mara jade, music, nature photography, nonfiction, obi-wan kenobi, oceans, ogden nash, palm trees, palo verdes, phoenix, phoenix mercury, phoenix suns, phoenix symphony, phoenix zoo, plaid, pretty things, pride and prejudice, quotes, rain, ranting about bad profic, reading, red hair, robin hood, saguaros, seinfeld, shoes, simon & garfunkel, sparrows, star wars, star wars fan fiction, star wars fanfic, stargazing, sunsets, that '70s show, the colbert report, the daily show, thwacking bri, timothy zahn, warm weather, what not to wear, wild animal park, wind, wkrp in cincinnati, world history, writing, x-wings, xkcd, yarn, zaphod beeblebrox, zayne carrick
about me
Night person. Book addict. Owned by three adorable cats, Quark, Siri, and Mia, and a hyper Australian cattle dog-border collie mix, Shadow. Fan of the Phoenix Suns, the Phoenix Mercury, and the Denver Broncos. Spent most of my life in either San Diego or Phoenix and thus have no tolerance for cold weather. Fangirl of Star Wars, Doctor Who, Bob Dylan, and Flogging Molly. Star Wars fanfic reader and writer. Played Oregon Trail back when it was a text-only beta game. Loves: the desert, the ocean, palo verdes, saguaros, the color green, jasmine, summer, knitting, animals (especially cats), cross-stitching, honeysuckle, ST: DS9, geodes, avocados, parentheses, and all sorts of other things.

My fanfic can be found at either the JC fanfic boards, the TF.N Fan Fiction Archive, FF.N, or marafics, all under the name of Gabri_Jade.

Friending policy, such as it is: Feel free to friend or defriend, as you see fit. I often don't friend back, but don't take it personally. I have to limit my time expended online somehow. :)

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